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Lovemaking allows us to transcend ourselves in a way no other experience does. In truth, sex is sacred, since it is a physical act that provides a direct connection to the Divine, accessing peak experiences of love, oneness, and healing. Humans have a deep longing for the reunion with the Divine - an innate need for bliss, merging and ecstasy. Sex provides access to these realms and perhaps that's why regular lovemaking (with a partner or alone) helps to maintain physical health and vitality of the body.

Sacred sexuality is often associated with tantra – a spiritual practice in which sexuality is used to achieve higher spiritual states. Though tantric sexuality was developed in India thousands of years ago, it is becoming popular in the United States. The tantric attitudes of slowing down, awakening all of the senses, tuning in to subtle energy, letting go of judgment and blame, expressing gratitude for the gift of life, and savoring the present moment are wonderful tools for intimate relating, allowing us to become more present in our bodies and more present with our partners.

Another useful aspect of lovemaking is that it generates a lot of energy. Qigong masters developed techniques to funnel and redirect that energy so that it can be used for healing purposes. If you can feel the energy inside of you already, you are ahead of the game. The next step is to learn how to move and focus this energy purposefully inside of your body. Mantak Chia wrote many books on the subject (examples below). These books contain specific exercises that teach you how to work with your energy. You will be amazed! There are also many workshops teaching various tantric and Taoist methods - if you prefer learning in person.


Many cancer patients practice various visualization exercises, which empower them to feel more in control of their treatment. These exercises are much more meaningful when you can feel and direct energy inside of your body, whether generated by lovemaking or breathing exercises such as Wim Hof method or Quantum Light Breath.

Addition of Cannabis (1:1 CBD:THC) prior to exercise, yoga, bodywork or lovemaking will enhance your ability to feel the energy moving inside of you. How does this energy feel like? Most people describe it as tingling or vibrations, some describe it as a current pulsing throughout the body, heat, cold or a even a wind blowing through their body. Try to relax as much as possible and let this vibration or tingling spread all over your body.

Addition of Cannabis makes sensuality and lovemaking possible even for older couples that gave up sex many years ago - with no significant side effects often seen with Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs. When you use high-CBD variety of Cannabis before lovemaking, your whole skin becomes a sexual organ. Every touch and hug feels wonderful and full of life and sensuality.