Images in this gallery are a bit older and were created using pen and ink.
Please click on the thumbnail or title to see the larger version of each picture.

© Slawek Wojtowicz 2000
This drawing combines my interest in science-fiction and my love of exotic plants. I am planning to paint more acrylic paintings that incorporate alien plants and fruits.

© Slawek Wojtowicz 2000
Enormous flying cities might be a good solution to preserve the natural beauty of alien worlds. Of course we have to figure out how to construct gravitonic drives first.

© Slawek Wojtowicz 2000
This square-jawed hero is the leader of an uprising against alien occupation of a human colony on New Gdansk (Sirius Sector).

© Slawek Wojtowicz 2000
When humans learned how to warp the space/time fabric it did not take us long to colonize our Galaxy. An unanticipated side effect of excessive use of this technology was weakening the subspace structure integrity. The result: unexpected translocations of small bubbles of space/time across millions of light years. That's what happened to this woman who was instantaneously transported from her world to another location far, far away.

© Slawek Wojtowicz 2000
Imagine a place, somewhere far away in the Universe, where you can escape on a moments notice to relax and rest... How would it look like?

© Slawek Wojtowicz 2000
This is the goddess worshipped by many of our ancestors in a simpler era.
In those days fight for survival was still a daily struggle, life was short, full of excitement, joy and suffering and nothing was more important than having as many descendants as there are stars in the sky...

© Slawek Wojtowicz 2000
A small welcome party on a station orbiting the third moon of Pupcia awaits arrival of an envoy from Earth.

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