Images in this gallery were created using Bryce 4, Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop.
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Slawek Wojtowicz 1999
A wizard uses his magical powers to stop terrifying dragon-like creature, which threatens to destroy his village... Have you ever felt like this wizard? Have you ever tried to stop the ocean of evil?.....

Slawek Wojtowicz 1999
This is a design for a CD cover... Swimming, like many other sports, can become addictive. This poor guy was deprived of his favorite exercise for too long - now he is ready to jump into a municipal drinking water supply.
I promise you that he will get caught and will be promptly punished.

Slawek Wojtowicz 1999
This is the official logo of Eurocon 2000. Each head of the dragon is supposed to represent something... Female head represents Europa (Europe), Viking head represents north of Europe and the one in red hat represents Poland (where Eurocon will take place next August).

Slawek Wojtowicz 1999
A soldier of the future is not meant to think on his own... He is not allowed to ponder the beauty of the world or feel wind and sun on his face... Every soldier is born to serve and fight until death.

Since a number of my images is being printed as posters, I had to provide a large-resolution files...
I couldn't resist tinkering with the images themselves, and here are the results. I hope you like them even more than original versions!

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