Images in this gallery were created using Bryce 2, Poser 2 and Adobe Photoshop.
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© Slawek Wojtowicz 1998
Life is a ruthless struggle for inhabitants of the Replicant City... Replicants' life span is very short by design, and many of them die in a violent manner. One of these guys will never return to his cell...

© Slawek Wojtowicz 1998
Jacob does not have a monopoly on dreams dealing with angels and stairways to Heaven...

© Slawek Wojtowicz 1998
Almost every inhabited planet in our Galaxy has a fleet of starships hidden deep in its molten core. Many civilizations have forgotten that these ships can be used in case of emergency. All that's needed is a signal that will awaken the ancient armadas down below...

© Slawek Wojtowicz 1998
The final test administered to the students of the magical arts is designed to eliminate all inadequate candidates...

© Slawek Wojtowicz 1998
Almost every habitable planet in our Galaxy has a story of a Ghost Ship haunting its oceans. It usually emerges unexpectedly from a dark fog only to bring a bad luck to the crew... The Golden Ghost Ship of Agrari is different - it appears in the bright light of the day and brings joy and happiness to those who encounter it....

© Slawek Wojtowicz 1998
I was asked to design a future "Cybercity" - in some way similar to that seen in the "5th Element", but without the taxicabs... Here it is...

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