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Sacred medicine has been practiced in secret since time immemorial. Its main goal is not only the healing of the body, mind and soul, but full spiritual liberation. Each human is a divine being, placed here to mature and to learn - before acquiring powers that are our inheritance. Each of us is a sleeping god, preparing to awaken. Earth is a Divine Nursery.

This divine destiny of Humanity and individual spiritual awakening (Liberation in Buddhist terminology or Resurrection in Christianity) is represented by the sacred symbol of medicine, the Caduceus (fig. 1). The staff in the center represents our spinal column, the wings symbolize the ultimate freedom of liberation, and the serpents represent Kundalini; known in the Christian tradition as the Serpentine Fire, the force that makes the resurrection possible. The snakes are coiled three and half times around the staff, according to mystical tradition.

Fig. 1. Caduceus
Fig. 2. Main chakras
Fig. 3. Meridians
Fig 4. Kundalini

Many people are familiar with the human energy system, which includes chakras (fig. 2) and a network of interconnected energy lines (fig. 3) known as meridians, which are utilized in acupuncture practice. Another major component of that system is Kundalini. It is a life force that, when inactive, is tightly coiled around the sacrum, three and half times - just like the snakes in the Caduceus.

Sacrum osteum (Fig. 5) in Latin means holy or sacred bone. The sacrum is located at the bottom of the spine (Fig. 6). In ancient times, the sacrum would be offered to the gods during human or animal sacrifices under the belief that this is where our soul is located. All of the spiritual practices are meant to prepare us for this force's awakening. The process of purification consists of removal of karma (sins) stored in our bodies as negative emotions. All spiritual paths offer various methods for accomplishing this task, including yoga,

Fig. 5. Sacrum (Sacrum osteum or Holy Bone)

Fig. 6. Spinal column, with sacrum on the bottom (yellow)

meditation, physical exercise, special breathing techniques, individualized diets and use of sacred plants such as Cannabis, sacred mushrooms or ayahuasca. There are multiple books written on these subjects as well as a particular branch of yoga devoted to awakening Kundalini, called Kundalini yoga. The purification process is a necessary pre-requisite for successful Kundalini awakening, as premature awakening is very dangerous and can be as damaging as a stroke. It is a setback on the spiritual path.

Ancient healers believed that all diseases are caused by negative emotions stored in our bodies. We explore this therapeutic approach with our sacred plant-based medicines, designed to remove these blockages as efficiently and painlessly as possible and thus alleviate biological symptoms of disease.

The negative emotions stored in our body are simply lessons we have yet to learn. When we hurt someone else, we hurt ourselves equally.

Fig. 7. Chakra system
These lessons are organized in our energy body by type (Fig. 7).

For example, the first chakra stores issues related to being well-grounded in the material world, such as job, financial security, home and family concerns. If these are released too quickly, you may lose control over these aspects of your life. The other chakras also serve as repositories for important challenges that we still have to face in our daily lives. Some healers are able to perceive the human energy fields and use this ability to diagnose and treat people (Fig. 8). Reiki workshops or books, such as "Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan, are a good way to learn more about energy healing and how to practice it yourself.

Fig. 8. Human aura

The ability to perceive (see or feel) these fields can be learned and is used by massage therapists and other bodyworkers in their daily practice.

What is important for this type of healing is the realization that if negative emotions indeed make us sick, then healing may be very difficult, if not impossible, if we keep adding more negative emotions to our system. When Jesus said, "You are healed, go and do not sin anymore", it was a practical prescription of how to stay healthy. We get sick by sinning, by hurting others. Our energy field is self-contained and whatever we put out bounces back to us sooner or later...

The final product of the spiritual purification process is a fully individuated human being, as joyous, free, creative, fearless and flexible as a toddler. Jesus put it aptly: "I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 18:3).

One of the key spiritual secrets tells us that we live on a prison planet and we cannot leave until we become kind, caring and compassionate towards everyone we meet and until we clear all karmic debts (not-yet-learned lessons) that we accumulated over the ages. Jesus stated it bluntly: "Truly I tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny" (Matthew 5:26).

If we indeed are divine beings, we cannot survive together, unless we all take care of one another, instead of being selfish.

That's where the bodhisattva vow comes into play. Everyone has to take it eventually, so please consider doing it as soon as possible.