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Bodywork is a broad term for many types of therapeutic touch. There are almost 300 massage and bodywork methods, including ancient healing techniques such as Shiatsu and Thai massage, along with modern methods that are often named after their creator - Rolfing Structural Integration, The Feldenkrais Method and The Trager Approach. Please see a list of local bodywork practitioners that I have been working with.

Bodywork ranges from very gentle energy work where the therapist uses light or even no touch, as in Reiki, to sometimes uncomfortable modalities such as Rolfing Structural Integration. In classic Rolfing, a series of ten treatments uses physical manipulation of fascia to release old holding patterns and misalignments that, they claim, are responsible for much of our chronic discomfort and pain.

Other bodywork methods, such as Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method, are aiming to reeducate the body's movement patterns so that it functions more smoothly and fluidly.

Most types of bodywork share similar goals, such as relief from pain, improved physical functioning, more freedom of movement, a balanced mind, and a heightened sense of body awareness, vitality and well-being. They also stress active participation in your own health and wellness.

Many people turn to regular massage and bodywork because of chronic pain. You may find that it takes a variety of bodywork methods and practitioners to create lasting change. One practitioner or method might take you to a certain point, and then it's time to try someone or something else.

I suggest getting bodywork on at least monthly basis, and if you can afford it, even weekly.
It is not a cheap endeauvor though - for example, professional massage therapists charge upwards of $100 per hour and I am not aware of many health insurance plans that reimburse for bodywork.

If you have a partner, a very good option is to learn massage together. You could either take a class or ask your massage therapist to give you and your partner a hands-on lesson. If you don't have a partner, or if you need more massage than your patner can provide,there are other options. Consider adding to your routine a thorough daily self-massage in the shower, with a rough cloth or scrubber. Another option is daily massage of your whole body with a powerful, percussive massager. Start gently and slow!

Other modalities might be fun to investigate, too. For example, the Feldenkrais Method is very easy to practice at home and it is a Western equivalent of yoga. It's very slow and gentle. Feldenkrais centers offer individual sessions as well as group classes and there are many Feldenkrais exercises available for free on youtube.

Virtually all of the bodywork modalities work better when combined with a small dose of Cannabis (1:1 CBD:THC) taken orally one to two hours before bodywork.

Please make sure to have someone else drive you to and from your bodywork appointment every time you use Cannabis. It is better to schedule your session later in the day, then afterwards stay home, take a shower, relax and meditate until bedtime.