Praise for "Daydreaming" - Slawek's first art book:

Imagine you´ve just spent a night reading Arthur C. Clarke, or Larry Niven, or John Varley. You fall asleep and begin to dream. Colorful, startling dreams of enigmatic beings caught between the child and the angel, growing who knows how or where. That is the impact of Slawek Wojtowicz´s art!
Greg Bear, science-fiction writer

Among those artists in the top professional leagues, few show the same verve and imagination and sheer enthusiasm as Slawek Wojtowicz. As an author, I especially appreciate another trait. He actually reads books! That´s a wonderful combination.
David Brin, science-fiction writer

Stepping into the worlds of Slawek Wojtowicz is an ecstatic pleasure as he melds the plausible with the fantastic. From walking on a windswept, barren snow world to traveling into the depths of steel canyons in Manhattan, 3000 AD, a sense of wonderful surprise and constant familiarity follows us from image to image. It is a journey I look forward to each time I visit his art.
Donato Giancola, science-fiction artist

The one aspect I find most appealing about the artwork of Slawek Wojtowicz is the dreamlike quality of the imagery: the subjects, the color, the way objects interact and flow together. Horizons curve, planets float in dream oceans, dream people float in mid-air. And then there are the cityscapes - my own dreams are completely inane, for the most part, but the ones I like the best [when I remember them at all] have to do with cities, and people I have never seen, and they have an ineffable poetic dreaminess about them that I find in Slawek´s paintings.

The gentleman who taught my college Introduction to the Arts class, Mr Carlyn, used to say that every great painting had a surrealistic quality to it; that, however subtle or illusive, the dreamlike aspect was an essential ingredient to great work. A perfect example is the circular Madonna and the Infant Savior by Raphael, the one in the National Gallery in Washington, DC. Or any pictures by Van Eyck, or Arnold Bocklin. Another example is Bargemen of the Volga, by Illya Repin, and so on and on. But with these paintings by Slawek, the dream-quality is effortless, as natural as breathing. Now I am wondering - what does Slawek dream about, when he is actually asleep?
Steve Hickman, science-fiction artist

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Picture the beyond through the eyes of others by browsing a collection of nearly 400 galleries and artists. Images from your fave sci-fi movies (e.g., "Aliens") and TV shows ("X-Files") too. Creator: Slawek Wojtowicz

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This month's feature artist: Slawek Wojtowicz - you may already have seen Slawek's artwork on the cover of your favorite Science Fiction novel. He's the guy who actually paints those things! We are very proud to introduce you to this fabulous man and his work.

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"Slawek Wojtowicz, Washington, DC, US
Speculative fiction, essays, and an interview with Isaac Asimov, from a contemporary Polish philosopher."
(week of April 1st, 1996)

Slawek's Science Fiction Universe - the wonderful works of published S.F. artist Slawek Wojtowicz. This fellow is a wonderful study of a person who has made the most of life. The accomplishments to his credit are simply astounding and may provide a colorful example for some younger readers to follow.

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Slawek's Sci Fi Gallery:
If someone tells you to visit another medical doctor's home page, don't be fooled. Doctor by day, sci-fi artist by night, Slawek overwhelms you with online galleries filled with his original work. Oh, one more thing. Don't forget to click on the cat.

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Featured artist - January 1997 - Digital Waterfalls Gallery: We first found out about Slawek when he contacted Steve concerning his entry to the Internet Raytracing competition in 1995, and after checking out his quite amazing site, there was no contest in giving him our first 5 Star Gallery Choice! If you like SF images, we guarantee you won't be disappointed. He also has a quite superior list of SF Artists and features on SF/Fantasy - check it out!

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