November 2010

Science - fiction art is the way to show
Things and places that do not exist,
Events that did not take place,
Challenges that will face us in the future
And choices that we all have to make.
No wonder that SF artists feel like they are creating whole, new universes....


Eurocon 2000
Gdansk SF Society Conventions: Nordcon 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
Olimpus Cafe Art Show, Gdansk, Poland 1988
Polish National Science-Fiction Conventions: 1987, 1988, 1989
World Science-Fiction Conventions: Brighton, England 1987; Chicago, USA 1992; Los Angeles, USA 1996
NY SF Society conventions: Lunacon 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Baltimore SF Society Conventions: Balticon 1994, 1995
Michigan SF Society Conventions: 1991, 1992
Virtual art exhibition: USA, 1996-present


Private collections: USA, Japan, Poland, England, Germany, Italy.


Cover for and gallery in the Polish SF/Fantasy magazine "Nowa Fantastyka" February 2005
Program book cover for Nordcon 2004, December 2004
"Daydreaming" - science-fiction art book by Slawek Wojtowicz 2004
Book chapter in Digital Sci-Fi Art by Michael Burns, November 2004
Program book cover for Nordcon 2002, December 2002
Book chapter in Digital Fantasy Painting by Michael Burns, October 2002
Program book cover for Nordcon 2001, December 2001
Book cover for "Stalking Midnight" by Paul Collins 2001
Eight cards for "Rifts" collectible card game 2001
Image for Jasper Economic Development Corporation ad campaign 2001
Cover for Science-Fiction Chronicle magazine, August/September 2000
Book cover for Bill Kemper's "Mission to Armageddon" 2000
Cover for the Eurocon 2000 program/gift book 2000

Book cover for German edition of Marion Zimmer Bradley's "In Dunklen Tiefen" 2000
Illustrations for Millenial edition of "Columbian" 2000
Cover for the Millenium edition of Nations Restaurant News 1999
CD jacket illustration for "John Burns out" album 1999
CD jacket illustration for "Mind on ProsthetiX" album 1999
Book cover for "Kiyama" by Diana Kemp-Jones 1999
Program Book cover for the Gdansk SF Convention (NORDCON) 1999
Book cover for CD version of "Subterranean Hearts" by Diana Kemp-Jones 1999
Book cover for CD version of "Sisters of the Wind" by Diana Kemp-Jones 1999

Variety of color and B&W posters and calendars, 1998 - present
Program Book cover for the Gdansk SF Convention (NORDCON) 1997
Book cover for a collection of short stories awarded the "Zajdel Award", 1997
Program Book cover for the Polish National SF Convention (POLCON) 1995
Book cover for the Polish edition of Isaac Asimov's "Prelude to Foundation" 1989
Polish National Science-Fiction Convention (POLCON) Poster/Calendar 1988
Fanzine covers for "Collaps" magazine of the Gdansk SF Society
Spot ilustrations in "Collaps" and "Red Dwarf" fanzines of the Gdansk SF Society
Covers for 27th and 28th annual editions of "Year's best science-fiction" by Gardner Dozois (2009 and 2010)


Art Director, Gdansk Science-Fiction Society 1988-1989
Art Editor, "Collaps" fanzine 1987-1988
Editor of the English language version of "Czerwony Karzel" (Red Dwarf) fanzine


Foundation Art Gallery
Uplift Art Gallery


Artist Guest of Honor - InConjunction 2002
Artist Guest of Honor - European SF Convention Eurocon 2000
"Ten best in the show" competition at Balticon SF Convention 1994 and 1995
Virtual awards

Art Gallery